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About three times per day, I cave in to my source of most tech news: Google Reader. I use Google Reader to collect the news for me. Rather than me going out to get the news, it comes to me. It allows me to network with others using Google Reader and see what they are liking or sharing. It also hooks up to my Google Buzz to provide content for me to share there as well. I’ve also gone so far as to hook Google Reader up to Friendfeed, then have Friendfeed share the link to the original news source back to Twitter. I’m a proud Google Reader addict since 2004 at least.

I also use it to collect any time my name, my company name, or any of my products is mentioned anywhere on the web. Brand management and social media monitoring is very important.

I’ve just opened up my Google Reader dashboard again and discovered a few new changes… I wonder what the Google team is up to? The Official Google Reader Blog hasn’t posted news of this yet. I saw this image at the top of my dashboard:

Based upon their directions, I think they are posting the content that is in my normal Google Reader account. It’s a more visual way to navigate through what I already subscribe to.

The overall navigation is simple. I can filter what information that I want to see, preview new stories, and likely more functions.

I’m very curious to see what the Google Reader team has in store.

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