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MeetWith.Me: How to show your availability for meetings

MeetWith.Me: How to show your availability for meetings

Ever need to show others, especially clients, when you are available for a meeting?  I keep all my appointments in my Google Calendar, and even share my meetings with assistants.  When I need to schedule a meeting with others, I often send them an invite to the event in my Google Calendar for them to confirm as well.  However, I have wanted a way to schedule client appointments with their help.

MeetWith.Me has created a way to do just that.  I can now add a widget to my website that shares my calendar for clients and others to see.  Others cannot see who I am meeting with, but just my availability.

What I would like to see in future releases of this service: a widget that I can properly resize for my website columns, and a way to embed the full calendar within my own site.  I do love the idea that clients can review my schedule and compare it with their own BEFORE scheduling an appointment with me.

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