How to move all your email to Gmail

How to move all your email to Gmail

Moving all your email to Gmail can make your web experience much easier.  No longer are you waiting on your email to download to Outlook, Thunderbird, or Mail.  Following these basic steps can get your email moved entirely into Gmail.

  1. From the domain server, forward all email from a particular account to your Gmail address
  2. In Gmail, go to Settings, Send/Receive
  3. Add new email as a Pop3 account
  4. Verify the changes
  5. Select which email address to make primary, configure settings to send/receive based upon what it was sent to
  6. Compose message using your email within Gmail.

Follow this video to learn how:

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  1. I still keep my own email accounts using my own server/domain, but use Gmail to collect it all. It has heped to have version still on the server in the rare cases Gmail is down.

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