Google Buzz Reviewed

After two days of using Google Buzz, here’s my own review of likes and dislikes:


  1. Brings the masses to life-streaming (collecting all your activity to one place)
  2. Easy to remember if using Gmail
  3. Fast updates (PubSubHubBub rocks)
  4. Integration with key platforms, and more to come


  1. No lists of contacts visible (Gmail Contacts should be called lists, not groups – and somehow make navigation in Buzz easier to sift through like Twitter and Friendfeed lists)
  2. No groups or rooms feature (like Friendfeed)
  3. No “Best of” feature to see what’s most popular for a day, week, month
  4. No settings within Gmail to control Buzz
  5. Forcing connections shared in Google Reader automatically
  6. Security concerns and displaying most contacted people. See Lifehacker post
  7. I must create a filter to turn off Buzz going to my inbox. Should be in settings please!  See Lifehacker post for help


  1. I want Disqus to collect the comments on my blog posts to Buzz back to my blog.  Likewise, I want comments in Google Buzz to show up in Friendfeed & vice versa.
  2. Make seeing local Buzz posts from a computer as easy as it is from a mobile phone
  3. Improve the mobile phone version of Buzz with better screen navigation
  4. Get a CommonCraft video done about using Google Buzz

Tips on how-to do most everything in Google Buzz: by Fastcompany

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