Google Buzz

Google Buzz has just been announced today.  It aggregates in all the social media activity of your accounts across many platforms into your Gmail.  Also, if you use Google Reader, or Picasa, or nearly any other Google service and have contacts in these places, it will synchronize back with your Gmail Contacts.  In order to use it, you’ll need to configure your Google Profile.

Learn more about Google Buzz by watching Google’s video:

To see Google Buzz in action:

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5 Responses to Google Buzz

  1. Hi! Nice article… But i have a question… How i make ot work? I try to open the google profile trougth the link but shows a search without results… Cheers

  2. Interesting, try doing a Google search for “Google Profile”. I hear Buzz is starting to roll out to users, but may not be out just yet for all to use. Profiles has been out for a while though.

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