Youtube connects with your Facebook Friends

Great news from Youtube’s newest blog post indicating that now it connects our friends on Facebook, Gmail, and Yahoo.  You’ll see on the top right-hand corner to find friends on YouTube. I would suggest no what platform you are using, that you scan your connections once a month or especially after any major networking events and conferences that you’re attending that you scan all your new connections once per month.

I happen to already be logged in to Facebook in a different tab on my screen my screen that a popup window goes through and it automatically will start scanning through all of my connections. Click to scan the platform of your choice and a long list of all the people you are connect to on other places will show up in YouTube.

So once you have subscribed to all and you could either be subscribed all button that would be here or on each individual contacts you might also scan your Gmail inbox.  If you have density using Gmail or Yahoo easy enough to search your regular inbox. However if you are using Outlook or something else with a different web address besides Gmail e-mail and upload to those platforms disfigures Iskandar full inbox so the scan process may take a little time again but that’s okay again it’s going to give you a list of results of people that you may actually already know and people you might want to subscribe to. I choose to subscribe to everyone that I’m conected with on other places as well.   I enjoy connecting with everyone on every platform imaginable however.  You may choose to be more exclusive.  Keep in mind that the privacy settings and Facebook are a little bit more customizable than YouTube.

If you want to get a lot of traffic connecting with everyone you know is a good way start. Take a little time over the next few days as well to go through your other accounts across the web and scan those of you doing the scan your inbox against your Gmail or your contact list utility. In Microsoft Outlook export your contacts as a CSV file.  Get a Google or Yahoo account. Scan your inbox address lists against everywhere else you have across the web.  If you have a newsletter list, consider uploading those addresses as well to connect with your subscribers elsewhere too.

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