Blogging with purpose

I’ve been blogging since 2002, but have been rather inattentive to my blogs.  I even laid out the best plans for several sites.  I run a few blogs, with the intent to keep the focus of each rather clear:

  1. Beginning Momentum – focusing on network marketing & home based business
  2. Completely Alive – focusing on wellness education and information on my health coaching program
  3. Web20iGoBlog – a blog on emerging and informative social media uses online, prelaunching an online class
  4. A personal blog that shares my faith and what I’ve been learning lately
  5. This blog – a slight catch-all for my varied interests

With all these sites going on (and, no you don’t need multiple sites unless you want them) – I was great at setting them up – but lacking in posting.  This must change. Also, I want to optimize my views by syncing all my blogs to shared output places like FriendFeed and Facebook Notes.  This way more people can read my content.

I’d love input from you.  With my varied interests in business, technology, wellness, personal development, leadership, faith- is my blog best served to include a catch-all of all these topics?

As a great tip – here’s a video I did on importing your blog posts automatically into Facebook.

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